Restoration & Reconstruction

With rescue and relief works coming to an end, the reconstruction of the houses flattened or wrecked by the quakes now remains a mammoth task, which naturally demands huge money and labour. Unfortunately, many householders are not economically capable to afford the cost for rebuilding their houses. They are in direct need of helping hands, be it the State or others.  State own cannot focus on whole affected areas, so RP foundation has chosen 4 different areas to reconstruct & renovate the damaged house in the traditional design. They are:

  1. Gachhen, Bhaktapur
  2. Chhatredeurali, Dhading
  3. Dapcha, Kavrepalanchwok
  4. Phulbari, Kavrepalanchwok

1. Gachhen Bhaktapur

The ancient town of Bhaktapur suffered a heavy damage, both in terms of humane and collateral. Most shockingly many of city’s heritage sites as well as old houses from the medieval period fell prey to the quakes. Many old Newar settlements of the city were badly hit by the earthquake including Gachhen, a picturesque settlement rich in its architectural grandeur since many centuries.

Gachhen is an ancient settlement of Bhaktapur City, presently located in ward No. 3 of Bhaktapur Municipality. Gachhen literally means low-land-houses in Newari language. The houses display rich architectural designs of the Malla era (12th– 18th centuries) in Nepal. The private houses in the area are beautified with the ancient wooden carvings. The location of Gachhen also has significant cultural importance as it falls under the route of almost all traditional festival jatra parades of Bhaktapur including Gaijatra and Navadurgajatras.

For reconstruction or renovation dismantle is necessary. So RP foundation already started to dismantle 8 houses and store the important items such as windows, doors, bricks for the future use(reconstruction & renovation).

2. Chhatredeurali, Dhading

Chhatre Deurali is a village  in Dhading District in the Bagmati Zone of central Nepal. It is located west of Kathmandu and is east from its district headquarter Dhading bazar. The village mainly depend on agriculture and most of the people are farmers. Most of the houses were severely damaged after earthquake. RP Foundation in partnership with Schulerhilfe fuer Nepal supported for temporary shelter on the same place. Now RP Foundation is reconstructing the village with traditional design.

3. Dapcha, Kavre

Dapcha is a Village in Kavrepalanchok District in the Bagmati Zone of central Nepal. It is located about 20 kilometres southeast of the district headquarters of Dhulikhel. It’s a village with full of Newari tradition houses & natural beauty. Earthquake had severely damaged the houses so that the people of this area have been suffering from lack of shelter. RP Foundation also planned to reconstruct Dapcha village in traditional way and had already started the work.

4. Phulbari, Kavre

Phulbari is situated 45 K.M east from capital city Kathmandu and 15 K.M from district headquarter Dhulikhel. It is situated in the upper belt of the B.P Highway which joins Capital to Eastern Terai in the shortest route. Indeed, the magic of Phulbari is the vista of eight outstanding Himalaya summits at times peeking shyly above the clouds or glowing in the early morning rays. The houses in Phulbari is also almost collapsed. So RP Foundation planned to reconstruct the Phulbari village fully with traditional architecture.

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