Urgent Relief

After this devastating earthquake, RP Foundation was involved in providing relief for victims by the second day of the earthquake. Some of the major relief works done by the foundation are mentioned below.

1. Safe Drinking Water

A. People were suffering from different problems after the earthquake, The drinking water supply was blocked and even the people couldn’t enter their house. So RP Foundation immediately started to provide safe drinking water for earthquake victims as the water is the main source of infection and to reduce the risk of epidemic disease. RP foundation distributed about 400 cases of Mineral water as urgent relief and so many jars of water in Bhaktapur and Panauti.

B. Water was becoming more polluted. So with the joint collaboration of Rotary club of Guenzburg, Germany & Schulerhilfe fur Nepal, Germany we distributed Paul filter (which filters all bacteria & debris) to different schools. Some of them are:

  • Janata Higher Secondary School, Gorkha: As the houses are almost destructed and the people are taking shelters on the ground of the Schools. So more than 500 villagers were direct benefices per day. After starting school more than 1000 student were getting safe water each day.
  • Shree Krishna Higher Secondary School: More than 700 students are the direct benefices.
  • Bhimeshwor School, Phulbari Kavre: More than 500 people are the direct benefices.
  • Nagpokhai Bhaktapur: More than 300 people are getting safe water per day.
  • Nepal Vocational Academy, Panauti: More than 350 people are getting safe water per day.

2. Tarpaulins Distribution

Lots of people had lost their homes after the earthquake. Victims have to sleep whole night under open sky instead of heavy rain. So RP  Foundation started to distribute tarpaulins on the second day and distributed to more than 500 household of Bhaktapur, Kavre, Dhading and Sindhupalchowk district.

3. Health Camps

Health camp after the catastrophic earthquake was one of the major need in Nepal. So RP Foundation started to treat victims in different ways.

  • RP Foundation started to treat the victims free of cost in Bhaktapur Homeopathic Clinic after 3rd day of the earthquake. Especially patients with fear, shock were treated.
  • Homeopathic health camp had been organized in Sakhu, Kathmandu where almost 90% houses were collapsed with lots of casualty. The service had been provided to mainly focusing the stresses people due to the earthquake and treated about 150 peoples.
  • RP Foundation managed the Medical and surgical team from Germany named Interhelp & mfs in coordination with Schulen fuer Nepal. The well-equipped surgical, as well as medical team, works for prevention, awareness and treatment of common medical cases in 9 different places of 4 districts in coordination with Rotaract Club of Phulbari. Total 2013 patient were directly beneficiaries.

Details of Beneficiaries of the Medical & Surgical Camp:

S.no Date Details of Location No.of Patient
1 5th May 2015 Pushal, Dharmasthali, Kathmandu 178
2 6th May 2015 Devidanda, Sindhupalchwok 199
3 7th May 2015 Simle, Sindhupalchowk 230
4 8th May 2015 Mangaltar, KAvre 111
5 9th May 2015 Sandi, Jyamdi, KAvre 236
6 10th May 2015 Koshipari, Kavre 381
7 11th May 2015 Devitar, Kavre 303
8 12th May 2015 Dapcha, Kavre 150
9 13th May 2015 Durbar Square, Bhaktapur 225
Total 2013











4. Heritage Site Cleaning Campaign

Heritage sites in Nepal such as Kathmandu Durbar Square, Patan Durbar Square, Bhaktapur Durbar Squares and many more sites were distracted along with the ancient private property too.  Only the effort of government is not possible. So RP Foundation in coordination with students from Nepal Vocational Academy, Panauti and the local community started to clear and clean heritage sites in Bhaktapur and had cleaned so many sites.

5. Transit Shelter

  • Due to upcoming monsoon construction of permanent houses is not possible so RP Foundation focused on building temporary shelter which can be constructed easily. RP Foundation supported for building temporary shelter in Phulbari Village of Kavre district where 51 shelters were built in coordination with Rotaract Club of Phulbari, Schulen fuer Nepal and other different partners. The shelters are made from Corrugated Zinc plates (Zusta Pata), Woods/Iron bar, bamboo, wires, nails and other local materials. 21 shelters are already completed and was handed over to the families.Similarly transit shelters were constructed on Bhaktapur for about 5 families in Bhaktapur with the support from Schulen fuer Nepal.
  • With the support from Schulerhilfe fuer Nepal Germany 27 Transit Shelters along with one community hall was Constructed on Chatredeurali, Dhading. Likewise other few family were supported for transit shelters in Bhaktapur and Dapcha  with the support from Schulerhilfe fuer Nepal Germany.

Relief Works

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