Nepal Vocational Academy, Panauti

Currently, Nepal is facing a huge unemployment problem. Large numbers of young people are leaving the country due to lack of employment, even though the jobs they obtain abroad may pay very little income. At the same time, a shortage of skilled workers in Nepal means that workers from foreign countries are imported, especially to conduct large projects.  One possible solution may be found in the present high demand for traditional houses with modern amenities, for those Nepali workers skilled in traditional building techniques have been working overtime on construction work.  We have 250 workers, but we have so much work that we could easily employ more than 500 workers, such as carpenters and masons, and the demand continues to increase.

The Nepal Vocational Academy was started to meet the current problems of unemployment and scarcity of manpower, with the cooperation of RP Foundation and Schulen fuer Nepal. The main objective of this Academy is to produce competent and market-oriented skilled workers with different traditional skills, giving them practical experience and then employment.   At present, the NVA is expanding its facilities; 40,000 sq. meters of land has already been acquired, and a master plan prepared.

National Vocational Academy

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