Nepal Vocational Academy, Bhaktapur

Nepal Vocational Academy, Bhaktapur is being started to meet the current problems of unemployment and scarcity of manpower. The main objective of this Academy is to produce competent and market-oriented skilled workers, giving them practical experience and then employment.   The Academy is planning to give training on courses such as Electrician, Plumbing, Wood Carving, Teachers Training and so on. Rabindra Puri has donated 30 million worth land to build the Vocational School. Construction of the proposed building is going to cost at about Rs. 27,000,000.00 . With the support from German Organisation Schuelerhilfe fuer Nepal the building is under construction.

Similarly, Nepal Vocational Academy is also planning to give training on Complementary Medicine Courses such as  Homeopathic, Ayurvedic, and other faculties. Students from the rural areas will be trained by the Academy and they would be sent to their own villages with rural clinics(Dirghayau Bhawan) which benefits both the students produced as well as the poor people of remote areas.

So this Academy could be ray of hope for the solution of current unemployment problem of our country and also to uplift the general health situation of people.

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