Janata Higher Secondary School (Amp-pippal, Gorkha)

This building is under construction with the support of Schuelerhilfe fuer Nepal, Ministry of Education (Nepal Government), VDC(Village Development Comittee), Rotary Club of Penzberg (Germany), Rotary Club Muenchen Englischer Garten (Germany), Pharmos Natur Green Luxury(Germany), The German Rotary Clubs of Dorfen, Erding, Freising, Muenchen – Flughafen, Schrobenhausen – Aichach and Castiglione (France) consisting of 6 rooms for 300 students with the area of 2771 sq. ft. (257.43 sq.m.). This school also got education aid materials such as school dress, copies, pencils to the selected students, desk benches for the classrooms. Likewise the school also got computers fully operated with solar system and instruments for science lab. The school got education & health support materials through Rotary Club of Bhaktapur and the German Rotary Clubs of Erding, Dorfen, Freising, Muenchen-Flughafen, Schrobenhausen-Aichach and Castiglione.

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